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Due to an unparalleled commitment to customer service, many satisfied clients have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews. Following are a few of them. Thanks again and if you have any other requests for information regarding buying, selling or leasing be sure to visit the request information section.


What Clients Are Saying . . . .

I want to recommend a real estate agent to you that has exceeded my expectations for a second time.  Her name is Vivian Zimmerman with Bankers Trust Realty.  Her cell number is 760-574-7866 .  We have only met her once and she takes care of us like we were family.  She brought us multiple offers in a real estate transaction in December and I called her again a few weeks ago because my Dad passed away and we were in need of her services again.  And not only did she straighten up our house because we had to leave quickly, she took care of our mail and everything else.  She just called us again with multiple offers.  She is taking care of everything because we are out of area.  I know there are a lot of real estate agents out there, but Vivian is far and above the average person and I recommend her highly because of her ethics, aggressiveness and constant communication.
      Ruth Friedman

 It was a pleasure working with Vivian. Any issues that arose during escrow she dealt with in an immediate and fair manner. In short, she was honest, ethical and up front.
      Craig Karlan

      I moved to LA from the Midwest for a new and better job. I had one weekend to find housing and Vivian Zimmerman came through. We found an attractive condo in my price range in one day. She then worked tirelessly in finding me a beautiful home, which was affordable, and in a great neighborhood.
    Vivian is responsive, found choices worth looking at and is always trustworthy.  She's a friend.
       Ray Reynolds

      I cannot imagine receiving any better service and assistance than that provided by Vivian Zimmerman!
      I was transferred to Los Angeles to take a new position after spending my entire adult life and career in Seattle WA.  I had never spent more than a few days in Los Angeles, and had the pressure of the new job, and finding a home in a place I knew nothing about!  I of course had price and budget constraints, needed to be close to downtown, and wanted a particular style of home.  I also had very little time to spend looking!
      Vivian narrowed our search immediately; concentrating on the neighborhoods she thought would “fit the bill”.  She did make sure I looked at other home styles just to be sure I was not overlooking something, and only if they met all the other criteria.  Vivian viewed everything before taking me out, and I never felt that a minute of my time was wasted. Within a few weeks, she found what I had been looking for!
      Vivian led me through negotiating, inspections, closing, and even contractor hiring, again making everything as easy for me as possible.  Now, after I have become more familiar with Los Angeles, I know I wouldn’t live in any other neighborhood. 
       Diedra D. Peligrini

Attributes Of Realtor Vivian Zimmerman
1. Takes the time to learn exactly what her customer is looking for.
2. Learns the financial positives and negatives of customer.
3. Researches the market and quickly disseminates the information to the customer.
4. Follows through with discussion of area, cost, etc.
5. Strong representation of customer with other realtors.
6. Sound investment and market advise.
7. Is on time for appointments.
8. Is Honest.
       Ron McMillan

       'While we were in escrow for the home my wife and I purchased in the Hollywood Heights, our realtor Vivian Zimmerman maintained her magnificent professionalism at all times.  When I uncovered countless facts/non-disclosures about the house and property and brought them to Vivian's attention, she patiently organized our responses to the sellers.  Vivian always seemed to know what to do.  As a result, we negotiated a substantially lower price for the house.  You can't go wrong with Vivian."
       Harold Cherashore
       I would like to recommend Vivian Zimmerman for all you people out there who want to rent or sell your place.  When my husband and I bought our second Sun City home in December, we called someone who's name we saw all over the place to rent it for us.    In fact, she was the head of the rental department for a major real estate brokerage in Palm Desert.  Being real estate agents ourselves, and out-of-area, we knew how important it was to choose the best agent for the job.  This original agent had our listing for three months, never communicated with us, probably never showed our house or ran ads.  Lied to us from the word go.  We were getting desperate.  Finally, I found Vivian and she rented our little place in two weeks and actually had two clients who wanted it.  She communicated daily and is highly professional.  You can be sure she will get all of our business and all of our local referrals.  Thank you Vivian for doing a superb job . . . 
       Ruth Friedman

       We searched diligently for someone to sell our home at an acceptable price. There were some interesting considerations to be taken into account when determining price and potential buyers (e.g. stainless steel walls, fiber-optic light displays, zebra-pattern carpeting, etc). The majority of the agents who assessed the property didn't even seem to consider the amount of effort we had put into remodeling the home, and suggested an abysmal selling price. They generally left the impression of wanting fast money, paying little attention to customer education and satisfaction. Boooooooo. Then Vivian Zimmerman walked in our brushed steel and wood front door. She seemed absolutely ecstatic about the prospect of selling our home--spending a long time gawking at all the special things we added during remodeling. Unlike other agents she sat and conversed, asked questions about the home, and gave her honest opinion. She immediately told us our home required a certain brand of buyer, but she remaining optimistic she could find that buyer.
        Well it is now the day after the close of escrow and we've never been so satisfied. Vivian found the right people for our home, held our hand through the entire escrow process, never let us get discouraged, and did bushwhacking on all the lollygaggers and incompetents. And Oh yes, she sold our house for at least %10 more than the other agents were suggesting.
I understand that you are her superior, and would like you to know that this agent has amazed us. I have reserved a special place in my Rolodex for her card--for the next time we sell a home.
          Nathan Poiro & Kathy Yang - Poiro Web Design & Development       

        Thank you for being so nice and professional. It was easy
   to work with you.  I would call you a smooth Realtor.
   Thank you,
                Georgianna Gingold
        We had a property in Cathedral city listed with a top agent in that complex for 14 months and never got an offer.
Gave it to Vivian and she sold for higher listed price than the other agent.
She never gave up. Thanks Vivian.
                  Harold Fishbein
 Currently, I have Vivian Zimmerman here in SCPD as my rental agent.
She has been very helpful in getting good tenant and in keeping me informed
about matters that pertain to my rental house. She also has advertisement
in the "News and Views," and I highly recommend her.
                Lois DeWitt
I highly recommend Vivian Zimmerman, phone (760) 345-1902
                Linda Zieff

 THANKS!  I love how very professional you are! I guess we are on same wave length.  Here in Newport, hmmm, maybe 1985-86...I was "Realtor of the Year."  Not only did lots of business, but served as chair of  Ethics Committee...hearings every month.  Also chaired Errors and Omissions...usually a hearing every couple of months.

So, from a "old expert"....I truly am sooo happy you are my Realtor!     
                Carol   (Pangburn)

We would like to second Ruth's info. to you about Vivian Zimmerman.
She is a special lady who is terrific with clients and wonderful with
us rental owners.
                 Judy Haydock
 Vivian Zimmerman handles all of our rentals and we have been working with her since 2001.  Not only is she an excellent listener, but our tenants always call her before they call us and she responds immediately.  We would NEVER use anyone else for any real estate needs in the area.  Believe me, we tried others before her.  Being real estate agents ourselves, we know exactly what to look for, and it was impossible to find, before we encountered Vivi.  She is an independent which makes her even more desirable, and a member of Ruth's (that's me) list.
               Ruth & Bob Friedman
                   Austin, TX 78732
You are the best in Real Estate. Thanks for always being there.  And one million thanks for going the extra mile. With all I am going through I would not make it if it
weren’t for you. Dave & I can’t thank you enough. Sincerely
               Marti & Dave (Cayton)
Vivian, I would just like to thank you for all the excellent service you have provided. We appreciate your thoroughness and quick follow-up to any issue that has arisen during this process. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks again!


You gave us excellent guidance with our first purchase in California.  We appreciate your thoroughness and pleasant manner.

In some 20 real estate transactions we have done, you are for sure as good as the best we’ve ever had!

Thanks again!

            Merv & Joan


Hi Vivian,

It was our pleasure to renew our listing agreement with you.  You have shown us not only your ability to keep our property rented but also your willingness to help us out when needed as we are absentee owners.  We have every intention of renewing our listing agreement with you and Larry as long as we are renting our property.  We have built a wonderful relationship with you over the years and along the way become friends as well.  We thank you for all you do for us.  Look forward to seeing you soon out there.  We sincerely hope you both are well.  Take care.

               Lynne and Gary Pollard
 You are the best Viv.  I have dealt with many realtors in my career, your care and professionalism is without a doubt the very best.  Thank you thank you and once more thank you.

Kindest regards,

               Tim (White)
 Vivian Zimmerman
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